Business | Lean Methodology

What is lean methodology? The origins and growth of an idea

What is lean methodology? It's a tricky question and one we're ready to answer. Join us for the first...

Business | Employee Support

Supporting Employee Growth – How to do it and why you need to

Supporting employee growth is vital to a happy, engaged, and productive workforce. Let's take a look at why and...

Business | Onboarding

Productive Onboarding Processes and How to Build Them

Productive onboarding processes can take new starters and turn them into engaged, productive and happy employees without a hitch

Business | Customer complaints

Managing Customer Complaints – Turning negatives into positives

Managing customer complaints can seem like a negative area of any business. But, every complaint is an opportunity to...

Technology | Workflows

Workflows and BPMN

Workflows and BPMN are key elements of digital transformation, but what are they and how can they be implemented...

Technology | Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement and Evaluation in Atlas Play

With KPIs agreed upon, you can map business processes based on the goals they represent and ensure continuous...

Technology | Integration

Integration in Atlas Play – Our Approach to Using APIs

Modern business has created and solved problems using many systems. How do you get them talking in a way...

Technology | Business Process Mapping

Mapping Business Processes Intelligently with Atlas Play

Offline systems often fail to reflect what happens in a company. iBPM can demonstrate how new approaches produce new...

Play | Video

Using tasks in Atlas Play

In this video, we take a look at how tasks can help achieve more when using Atlas Play.

Play | Video

Data handling in Atlas Play

In this video, we take a look at how data forms the backbone of Atlas Play.

Play | Video

Process Management in Atlas Play

How does Atlas Play handle processes and what do they enable for users?

Methodology | SaaS

SaaS vs COTS

What is the difference between SaaS and COTS Applications? Read more to find out.

Play | Processes

Atlas Process Design Methodology

How to create a business process in Atlas and how to mature it in an agile way.

Methodology | Standardisation

Why Standardise?

Why standardise and what are the benefits of standardisation?