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What is meant by Cloud?

Words by Martin Kelman
What is meant by Cloud?

So you have probably heard of the terms “Cloud” and “Cloud Computing“. But what do they really mean?

Let us try and demystify these terms:


This simply refers to Servers hosting Data or Applications being in a remote location, rather than on your own business premises.

Cloud Computing

This simply refers to processing Data using Applications remotely, where both the Data and Applications are hosted in a Cloud, rather than on your own business premises.

Over time, the boundaries for locally hosted IT Services have been stretched as more Businesses have become more geographically dispersed. This has resulted in Businesses where one primary location hosts the IT services and other remote locations consume the them.

The boundaries have then been stretched even further with dedicated IT services being hosted within remote Data Centres managed by the large IT Hardware suppliers, e.g. HP and Dell.

Significantly, the differences between Cloud, primary location and Data Centre hosted IT services have begun to blur.

Atlas does Cloud

Atlas has a cloud architecture that works for your company: we have cloud solutions to fit any need. We can provide dedicated environments where you control every element of your cloud infrastructure.

Atlas also enables flexible cloud solutions using multi-tenant and hybrid approaches. These provide the same level of industry leading security, with reduced IT debt and enhanced flexibility in terms of your personal set up.