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The Atlas Podcast – The 5GEM Project, SaaS vs COTS & more

Words by Alex Matheson
The Atlas Podcast – The 5GEM Project, SaaS vs COTS & more

On this, the first ever episode of the Atlas Podcast, Martin and Alex discuss some fascinating topics and get into it with an industry expert.

We get a look at the 5GEM Project, how Atlas is involved and what it all means for the future of 5G. Martin gives some insight into the eternal question of SaaS vs COTS.

And finally, our hosts are joined by Mike James, Chair of the Board of Directors for ATS Global, who discusses his origins in the industry and where he thinks we’re headed.

Listen to the episode below:

The Atlas Podcast will be back next week for more industry insight, including a deep dive into the world of 5G, see you there!

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If you haven’t already seen it, here’s the 5G video we discussed during this episode of the Atlas Podcast.

Interested in reading the Final report of the Industrie 4.0 Working Group, mentioned by Mike James in the podcast? Enter your email to download the PDF.

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