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Task Management – Powerful tools for business

Words by Alex Matheson
Task Management – Powerful tools for business

Task management is a key component of many business strategies and core to concepts Atlas uses such as BPMN and lean methodology. By managing your tasks well, understanding their requirements in terms of resources, input, and deadlines, you can achieve great things.

What is task management?

Task management is about managing a task from its inception to its completion. It involves understanding the reason a task is being carried out, what its goal is, what the activities needed to complete it are and who needs to be involved in making it successful.

A task could seem simple, such as “make coffee”. From a certain point of view this doesn’t need any further explanation as we all know what coffee is and how to make it. You might assume that task could be added to a process without further thought. But is it as simple as that?

Why is task management important?

Task management is important because even the simplest of tasks can develop into complexity when they’re analysed. This is vital to understand in business because your expertise might not translate to that of your colleagues and vice versa.

A task that seems straightforward and with no need for explanation to one person might be quite the opposite for someone else.

In reality even a task as simple as “make coffee” could potentially require task management. In the first instance, we might need some level of investigation. Questions such as “who is the coffee for?” and “what type of coffee do they want?” need to be asked.

Beyond that we need to know if we have the equipment and resources available. If Alysha wants a cappuccino, do we have an espresso machine and ground coffee? Do we have the right milk and a steamer?

If we take this to a standard business task such as “hire a new employee” we can imagine how complicated things can get. We need people with complementary skills to evaluate candidates, we need legal bods to check contracts, we need HR managers to ensure inclusivity and engagement are looked after.

Each of these people will be involved in multiple steps within the task of “hiring a new employee” and multiple tasks of their own to ensure that hiring is a success.

How can Atlas help with task management?

Task management is at the core of what we offer in our platform and at the core of intelligent business process management (iBPM), a methodology we use to help deliver scalable, efficient business solutions.

Atlas Play enables you to create end to end business where you can map tasks and manage them based on user roles that need to be involved, deadlines that need to be met and the resources needed to complete them. Each business process can be integrated and automated making your task management even more powerful and efficient.

Atlas Boost allows for data collected through your processes to be turned into insight. The disorder of a busy company can become ordered bliss. You can make task management decisions based on facts backed up by data and displayed in custom dashboards that reflect your goals.

Atlas Edge removes latency from the equation. Your entire operation can operate as though you have the cloud on premise. Data collection and analytics can happen in near real time, providing second by second improvements and efficiency.

Atlas Optimise gives you complete control and understanding over your resources. Your processes can operate based on an automatic understanding of what you have, where it is, what you need and when you need it.

Now you know how important task management is, get started with Atlas today and use this powerful concept to help you achieve great things. Click the Try Now button below to start your 30 day free trial now.