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Steve Furber, NFTs, & Product Lifecycle Management

Words by Alex Matheson
Steve Furber, NFTs, & Product Lifecycle Management

This week on the Atlas Podcast, we were joined by  Steve Furber, Professor at the University of Manchester and principle designer behind the  BBC Micro and the first ARM Chip. We discuss his entrance into computer science, achievements in the field, ongoing projects, and what the future will bring.

We look at  non-fungible tokens, or  NFTs, taking a look at their origins,  how they’re used and how they can help solve the human desire for uniqueness in a digital world full of interchangeable assets.

Finally, we’re joined by our colleague Mikel Garbizu. Mikel enlightens us on the world of product lifecycle management, the need for it, what it does and how it can help us move towards a more sustainable future.

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