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The Atlas Podcast – AWS ReInvent, Low-Code vs No-code & More!

This week we talk about AWS Re-Invent, low-code vs no-code & more!

Technology | No-code

Low-code vs No-code

What is the difference between no-code (Atlas Play) and low-code platforms?

Podcast | Technology

The Atlas Podcast – DeepMind, Hosting Apps in the Cloud & More!

This week we talk about DeepMind, hosting apps in the cloud, and the world of scheduling

Technology | Cloud

Brown Field Clouds: introducing cloud into a brown field factory

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is 'how do I introduce cloud to a brown field...

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The Atlas Podcast – SMRs, Cloud Computing & The MTC

This week we take a look at the newly announced small modular reactors, cloud computing and we talk DRAMA...

Technology | Data

What is meant by Cloud?

So you have probably heard of the terms "Cloud" and "Cloud Computing". But what does they really mean?...

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The Atlas Podcast – Digital Manufacturing Week, 5G & More!

This week we discuss engineering's potential reach, 5G and chat with Lina Huertas of the MTC

Technology | Methodology

Digital Transformation Isn’t Easy

Every industry has known the digital transformation is coming, and every industry seems to have been caught out by...

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The Atlas Podcast – The 5GEM Project, SaaS vs COTS & more

On the first ever episode of the Atlas Podcast, Martin and Alex discuss some fascinating topics and get into...

Technology | Standards

ISA-95 Standards and Innovation

What is the ISA-95 Standard? People, companies, and industry are always looking to standard organisations to define a common...


Understanding Business Process Mapping

BPM is a technique used to map out your business in terms of process, giving you a view of...

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The impact of the fourth industrial revolution on SMEs