Technology | WFM

What are RPA, iBPM and WFM?

And does it really matter to the customer? Learn more about Intelligent Business Process Mapping (iBPM), Workflow Management (WFM)...

Podcast | Technology

The Atlas Podcast – Gavin Starks, Bill Gates’ New Book & More

This week we talk to Gavin Starks, take a look at Bill Gates' new book, and discover an unsung...

Technology | MVP

What is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

Shifting focus from projects to goals: a closer look at the MVP methodology

Podcast | Technology

The Atlas Podcast – Perseverance, Containers & Ruth Mallors-Ray

This week we chat about the Perseverance landing, container technology & we're joined by Ruth Mallors-Ray

Technology | Virtual Machines

Docker Containers vs Virtual Machines

I’ve seen the Whale but are Docker Containers?

Podcast | Technology

The Atlas Podcast – AWS in Space, Data Lakes and Monica Stancu

This week we discuss AWS in Space, data lakes, and diversity and inclusion with Monica Stancu

Technology | GraphQL

REST APIs vs GraphQL

Have a REST and read about APIs including GraphQL.

Podcast | Technology

The Atlas Podcast – Vaccine Cloud, UX Design, & Rob Valent

This week we look at Salesforce's Vaccine Cloud, UX Design, and the future of manufacturing and Technology with Rob...

Technology | Data lake

What is a data lake?

Has the rise of the data lake mean the death of SQL?

Podcast | Technology

The Atlas Podcast – Janneke Niessen, SaaS vs PaaS vs IaaS & More

This week we're talking ethical investment and diversity in tech with Janneke Niessen. We've break down SaaS, PaaS, IaaS...

Technology | SaaS

SaaS vs PaaS vs IaaS

SaaS vs PaaS vs IaaS: what is the difference between these services? Isn't everything a service these days?

Podcast | Technology

The Atlas Podcast – Clouds under the sea, APIs & TM Forum

This week we talk about clouds under the sea, APIs and chat about collaboration in tech with Joann O'Brien...

Technology | Innovation

The importance of innovation and collaboration

Is competition, the market and tribalism stifling innovation?

Podcast | Technology

The Atlas Podcast – Linking to the cloud, big hacks & more

This week we talk linking to the cloud, government level hacks and all things tech with Svetan Ratchev