Technology | RFID

Radio-Frequency Identification Technology

Radio-frequency identification technology is widespread and incredibly useful. Let's take a look at what it is and how it's...

Business | Task Management

Task Management – Powerful tools for business

Task management is powerful and vital for business success. Let's take a look at what it is and how...

Technology | Graphene Batteries

Graphene battery technology – How it’s changing the world

Graphene battery technology might be the most important area of research and development right now. Let's jump in and...

Industry | Customer Success

How to Manage Customer Success

Learning how to manage customer success is a vital part of business, whether you're B2B or B2C. Come find...

Technology | Blockchain

What is blockchain and how does it fit in manufacturing?

What is blockchain and how can we use blockchain in manufacturing? Let's demystify a few things and see what...

Technology | Edge computing

What’s the deal with edge data centres?

Edge data centres are all around us. But what are they? What do they do? How do they fit...

Podcast | Technology

Lithium Mining, Sophia Matveeva, and Databases

This week we look at lithium mining, we chat with Sophia Matveeva and we get into the world of...

Technology | Kafka

What or who is Kafka?

A system optimized for writing.

Podcast | Technology

SMRs, Usman Haque, and Smart Cities

This week we chat about the latest SMR news, we're joined by Usman Haque of Umbrellium and Thingful.net, and...

Podcast | Technology

Mars Rovers, Jasper Wildeboer, and SCADA, HMI and IoT Systems

This week we talk about Mars, chat with Jasper Wildeboer and look at SCADA, HMI, and IIoT systems and...

Technology | Podcast

Carbon Capture, Lucy Knight, Open Data and Kafka

This week we talk about carbon capture approaches, everything data with Lucy Knight, and Kafka technologies with Neal Clark

Performance | OKRs

Can OKRs and KPIs help your business scale?

What are the barriers preventing business benefits being realised?

Podcast | Technology

The Met Office, Supercomputers, and Steve Szamocki

This week we talk about the Met Office's new supercomputer, the world's most powerful supercomputers, and we chat with...

Podcast | Technology

Self Driving Cars, CI/CD, and Mike Yost – The Atlas Podcast

This week we discuss self driving cars in the UK and some updates to the law, CI/CD and why...