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Intelligent Business Process Management – What is it?

Words by Alex Matheson
Intelligent Business Process Management – What is it?

Business process management has been around for a long time. The discipline involves defining, measuring, analysing, improving, controlling, and, in more recent years, automating business processes. While it began as a pen and paper operation, these days there’s a wealth of software that can allow you to manage your business process. With this software comes the next step for BPM, iBPM.

What is iBPM?

iBPM, or intelligent business process management, is BPM with added functionality. It enables you to create intelligent business processes using technology such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning.

What is BPMN/BPMN2.0?

Business process modelling notation (BPMN) is a visual modelling language that enables BPM. Using standardised icons to represent different elements within a mapped business process, BPMN provides the framework for these innovative technologies.

Just as BPM developed into iBPM, BPMN developed into BPMN2.0. The latter incorporates new iconography that enables new ways of easily communicating difficult concepts in a visual manner.

BPMN2 is a great way to document the process, but to automate them, that’s where iBPM comes in.

What makes iBPM better than traditional BPM?

The answer to this question might change dramatically depending on who you ask. As with all technological leaps forwards, it’s not as simple as this product does it faster, better, or more efficiently than the other product.

No one technology turned BPM into iBPM, rather it was a collection of cutting edge and complementary technologies that helped this new discipline appear. As such, the benefits are varied.


Pen and paper won’t allow for rapid iteration. Even traditional applications can struggle to keep up with an agile approach to process management. iBPM can enable rapid iteration. Cloud based development allows for the kind of lightweight yet powerful applications necessary.


With cloud native applications comes a natural affinity for collaboration. Being able to manage business processes whether you’re on your desktop or mobile, this side of the world or that, with your team or away from them; that enables true collaboration.


With the powerhouses behind iBPM software taking care of the heavy computation, anyone can get involved in intelligent business process management. In no-code/low-code platforms, all you need is a creative approach and an understanding of the business you work in. From there you can create business processes that are adaptable, scalable, intelligent and integrated.

Why use iBPM?

By integrating cutting edge technologies, iBPM enables far greater predictive and analytical capabilities. Simply mapping out a business process is a great way of understanding the efficacy of that process but it has its limits.

With cloud computing involved, you have near unlimited data storage. Business processes can be mapped out to not only collect vital data but adapt to it. The cloud offers a means for storing and transmitting the data needed to keep your processes growing in impactful ways.

AI supported by ready access to data leads to intelligently automated processes. Automated, fact based decision making can happen within the process, saving on downtime and freeing people up to spend their valuable time innovating.

APIs can link together all of the systems that make up a business’s IT infrastructure and all of those systems can be integrated into intelligent processes and workflows. Previously disparate systems can not only communicate, but develop into new levels of automated efficiency.

For example, with your HR, payroll, and employee development systems linked into automated business processes, your company can keep pace with rapid change in your industry and your people can grow unfettered.

How do you get the most out of iBPM?

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