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How iBPM Can Make Transformation Projects Work

Words by Alex Matheson
How iBPM Can Make Transformation Projects Work

Intelligent business process mapping (iBPM) is a powerful tool for creating efficiency within a business. By mapping, evolving, automating and integrating business processes, any company can reach new heights.

But it’s not just the day-to-day running of a business that can benefit from iBPM. Transformation projects can be enabled smoothly with the use of an iBPM platform. From concept to completion, mapping out your transformation in an intelligent way can make it work.

Should iBPM be the starting point for a transformation project?

Every transformation project can benefit from iBPM being implemented from its inception. Without a strong vision and understanding of why you want to transform, you won’t be able to build an idea of what that transformation is and how you’ll achieve it.

iBPM gives you the opportunity to visualise and understand the processes that will need to be mapped to help you achieve transformation. It can give you a clear image of what needs to happen, when, where, and who needs to be involved.

What differentiates transformation processes?

It’s important to form a distinction between week in, week out business processes and transformation processes. The processes a company maps to keep things running along smoothly will have a different focus and are often more cyclical and repeatable.

These sorts of processes will typically focus on continuous improvement and, if everything is going well, should be growing and evolving as the business does. If you’ve already got a handle on developing business processes over time, you will be ahead of the game when it comes to mapping out transformation projects using iBPM.

When it comes to transformation, you should have a clear goal in mind. It may change or evolve, but it’s unlikely to become something unrecognisable. Some of the processes you map may become the building blocks of working week processes moving forwards, but many of them will have a definitive start, middle, and end.

How should iBPM be introduced to a transformation project?

Once you have your vision for transformation, you need to find the right people to enable achieving it. These leaders are going to provide content of the processes, but they’re also going to ensure the quality of them.

You need people within your business who understand it, or at least their area of it, intimately. Without knowing what the business is now, you can’t transform it into something better.

Key leaders covering the areas of expertise involved in the transformation project need to be in place, and given a level of ownership that enables them to take control of, implement, and improve the processes that will lead to business transformation.

When you have your transformational structure mostly in place, you need to equip them with the right tools. What iBPM tools you use may have been decided on ahead of time, or you may be looking for them at this stage. We’d suggest using Atlas Play, of course, and we’ll tell you why shortly.

How do you achieve transformation with iBPM?

With the right people in the right places using the right tools, the transformation can begin. The processes you map in your chosen iBPM platform should give you a broad image of the transformation journey, as well as covering each individual step in detail.

As processes are run they should be reviewed and improved. Clear communication between all parties involved in transformation is vital as your team of leaders needs to understand how well each part of your transformation process operates so they can adjust and roll out amendments.

With a core vision, the right people, powerful tools, and open communication, your transformation project will unfold smoothly.

How Atlas Play can make transformations work

Atlas Play is an award winning, no-code, iBPM platform. It was designed from day one to enable transformation for any company, of any size, in any industry. We love digital transformation and that passion has driven us to create this tool.

With Atlas Play, you can take complete control over major transformation projects of any kind. From mapping out the basic idea of what you want to achieve, through to implementing real change, we have you covered.

You can assign user roles flexibly allowing for accessibility and adaptability. Responsibility can be shared while people’s input into your transformation project can be understood implicitly.

With mapped processes ready to run, you can begin refining and improving them. As each process collects data, you can turn that data into insight and iterate each element of your transformation as you work towards achieving your goals.

As your transformation becomes realised, end-to-end processes can be completed or rolled into continuous improvement exercises. Everyone involved in the process can feel satisfied and can continue to grow and develop in a whole new environment. Atlas Play can continue to help your business grow, develop, and evolve in new and exciting ways.

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