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Digital Transformation Isn’t Easy

Words by Martin Kelman
Digital Transformation Isn’t Easy
Digital transformation isn’t easy, and here are the reasons why.

Every industry has known that digital transformation is coming. However, every industry seems to have been caught out by the force of the change when it occurs.

What is digital transformation and why is it so difficult to predict? Or more accurately, why is the impact of digital transformation consistently underestimated? What are the pitfalls and challenges that have appeared when other industries collide with digital transformation?

There are 7 main challenges to prepare for when considering the inevitable Digital Tsunami:


Challenge 1

It’s somebody Else’s Problem.

“An object becomes not so much invisible as unnoticed.”
(Douglas Adams)


Challenge 2

Developing the future when surrounded by uncertainty.


Challenge 3

Testing new business models, structures and roles.


Challenge 4

Visualising new business structures and roles.


Challenge 5

Embracing design and the user’s experience in everything we do.


Challenge 6

Scaling business models and generating growth.


Challenge 7

Managing your IT department so it works for you.


Without having an appreciation of these challenges, businesses either don’t start their journey on the right foot or they wait too long before addressing the issued raised by digitisation.

You only have to look to other industries that have been hit hard by the ‘Digital Tsunami’ (music, finance, film, telecoms) to appreciate the impact that ignoring the digital revolution has.