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Continuous Delivery meets Cloud Native

Words by Martin Kelman
Continuous Delivery meets Cloud Native
One thing is for certain in today’s world is that change is inevitable. How does the adoption of cloud support the acceleration of change?

One of the many benefits of the adoption of cloud is the speed of development and deployment known as DevOps. This speed allows for business requirements to be delivered quickly, safely and securely which in turn supports innovation in people, processes, technology and resources.

As we discussed in “brown field clouds” once a customer uses any software solution then change is going to happen, therefore we need to build a system that supports the change of software and the IT infrastructure of which it runs on. Continuous Integration covers the design, development and test phase, and continuous deployment covers the deployment, monitoring and support phase.

With a well architected DevOps chain updates to software microservices, IaC infrastructure, containers, VMs and data migrations can happen daily, with builds being deployed every 2 to 3 weeks. This approach also allows for completely new cloud environments to be ‘span up’ within a matter of mins.

GitOps can be considered an extension of DevOps combining the software artefacts, infrastructure operations with the Git workflows developers already use. To describe this, we need to introduce you to a new lexicon of Containers, GitOps, IaC, Microservices, Serverless, CICD and lots more, which we talk about in our podcast.

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