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Brown Field Clouds: introducing cloud into a brown field factory

Words by Martin Kelman
Brown Field Clouds: introducing cloud into a brown field factory

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is:

How do I introduce cloud to a brown field site or factory?

There is a key difference between the factory and the IT systems within the factory. This is the difference between hardware and software.

Hardware wears down through use, software doesn’t. Software needs maintenance, but only when it is changed. The problem here is that software is always changing. Whether that is the operating system it sits on, or the technology stack that it is built in, or the millions of lines of code that makes up a program; change is constant.

From an IT point of view there isn’t as great a difference between green and brown field. I’m sure some people may challenge this but from the moment an IT/software project starts, software maintenance begins.

The important part for any company is not to think green field or brown field, but to think ‘how can I make my dev-ops chain as simple and easy as possible to manage including architecture, applications, software and configuration?’

Done well, cloud technology and the tool set used to generate is the answer – see our enterprise page for details.

The world wide web has been built to scale, change and be secure. As 4IR states, “it is the merger of internet technology into the industry“.

Ask yourself one question: ‘How much internet technology do I have in my factory?’ If the answer is ‘not a lot’ then contact us and we will talk you through it.