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Atlas at the UK5G Showcase and a chat with Kat

Words by Alex Matheson
Atlas at the UK5G Showcase and a chat with Kat

5G technology represents a massive step forwards for most of us and is felt in households as well as business throughout the globe.

Manufacturing in particular is capitalising on the increase in speed and power of the next evolution in networking technology.

Innovation projects across multiple industries are highlighting the capacity for rapid change that 5G brings and we’re excited to be involved in many such projects, providing a digital platform that lives up to the promise of industry 4.0 technologies.

We caught up with Katerina Mouliadou, our Digital Innovation Lead, for a chat about an upcoming event we’ll be attending, the UK5G Showcase in Birmingham.

This is where many of the UK’s 5G testbeds and trials projects will be demonstrating their successes with a 2 day conference to celebrate their amazing achievements.

What is the magic of the UK5G Showcase?

It’s a celebration of achievements and lots and lots of learnings coming from multidisciplinary groups working together to achieve a common goal. 5G is not unknown to us (the manufacturing industry) anymore, we know the roadblocks for its successful implementation and we have developed the right tools and methodologies to achieve this.

What is the top 5G trend this year?

Private 5G is still on the uphill towards expectations on Gartner’s hype cycle so there are plenty of opportunities to look out for in 2022. I’d expect to see further adoption and commercialisation of 5G in certain sectors, whilst the majority of the manufacturing sector would expand on its learning curve and investigate further use cases.

It’s important to understand that we’re looking at complete solutions and not at individual technologies and therefore there are dependencies on multiple technologies to be readily available in order to receive the full benefits of each one.

Who are the top 3 influencers to follow ahead of the event?

A. For those interested in 5G, it’s definitely worth getting involved with the UK5G Innovation Network. They provide a community of experts and innovators looking to expand the application of 5G and have various engagement opportunities through events, training and focus groups.

This year I’m particularly interested in understanding what helps businesses make insight driven decisions through the use of data and Tom Davenport has excessively covered and researched this area, so I’d highly recommend business executives to read his papers.

Finally, I couldn’t leave out Atlas! Atlas is not only an extremely innovative software, but is the realisation of an agile start-up company within a large organisation. What comes with Atlas is not just the technology or software solution, but the brilliant minds of a group of experts, each uniquely impacting and contributing in every step of the way.

Katerina is one of the many bright minds and strong female voices we want to highlight and champion on days like today. International Women’s Day is an opportunity to elevate unique perspectives in industries that are all too often disproportionately represented by a single gender.

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