Podcast | Technology

Arun Sinha, Oil Tanker Technology, Gartner Trends

We're looking at oil tankers with old school technology, the next part of the Gartner Report, and talking with...

Podcast | Technology

Brett King, The Scientific Method, and Engineering Trust

Today we're talking to futurist Brett King, looking at the scientific method, and we're digging deeper into last episode's...

Podcast | Technology

Satellite Launches, Technology, and the Manufacturing Millenial

We chat about UK satellite launches, technology in digital transformation, and we get into it with the Manufacturing Millennial,...

Crossword | Technology

Atlas Crossword – October Edition

We're back with the October Edition of the Atlas Crossword! If you're up on all things Atlas, this one...

Podcast | NASA

Stewart Noakes, NASA, and People in Digital Transformation

Martin and Alex talk asteroid smashing, how people fit into digital transformation, and all things entrepreneurial with Stewart Noakes

Podcast | Quantum Batteries

Michael McClellan, Digital Transformation, and Quantum Batteries

We're chatting to Michael McClellan, talking about how structure fits in digital transformation, and trying to decipher quantum batteries.

Podcast | digital transformation

How Green is the Cloud, Digital Transformation, & More

On this episode we discuss how green cloud computing is, the first step to digital transformation, and a twist...

Podcast | Technology

Kathy Cahalane, the Bubble Barrier, and Ownership

This week we're talking to Kathy Cahalane, looking at the Great Bubble Barrier, and the concept of ownership

Podcast | Lithium

Ian Jenner, Lithium Issues, and the Carbon Cost of Emails

This time round on the Atlas Podcast we're talking about lithium issues, the carbon cost of emailing, and we're...

Crossword | Technology

Atlas Digital Life Crossword – July

We're back with another crossword! If you've been keeping up on all our comms, this one should be a...

Agile Methodology | Developing a Mindset

How do you develop an agile mindset?

Let's take a look at how you too can develop an agile mindset, the most important element to business...

Podcast | Lina Huertas

Lina Huertas, Digital Shadows, and Electricity

This week we chat to Lina Huertas, we discuss digital things and their digital shadows, and we get into...

Podcast | Telescops

Ella Podmore, James Webb Telescope, and IT/OT Convergence

This week we're chatting with Ella Podmore MBE, looking at the latest from the James Webb telescope, and discussing...

Podcast | Anarchic Manufacturing

Mark Litjens, Dogger Bank, and Anarchic Manufacturing

On this episode we're talking the hidden Atlantis, anarchic manufacturing, and getting into all things tech with Mark Litjens