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What is a process?

A process is a repeatable set of actions that produce an outcome in your business. They can be as simple as a question and a decision, through to an entire manufacturing process.

What is BPMN?

Business process mapping notation is the means by which we map business processes, applying notation to each element and signing it to user roles.

How do you create a minimum viable process?

The simplest form of a viable process begins with a start state and ends in an end state, with the absolutely necessary tasks placed in between.

What is a task?

A task is an activity carried out by an element of your business, whether that’s an employee or a machine or anything else. Tasks can be assigned to specific user roles, types of machinery or a number of other elements.

What are roles?

A role is a defined set of responsibilities. Different people can fill the same role and some of your employees roles might overlap. By assigning tasks to roles, rather than people, you create more flexible processes.

What is the fourth industrial revolution?

The fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0, is the latest technological leap forward in industry. Advances in AI, big data, automation, robotics and sensor technology, combine with human input to blur the lines between physical and digital worlds. Read more about the fourth industrial revolution in this article.

How can data help my business?

Data and the analysis of data is the foundation of business transformation. Understanding how your business operates, where the shortfalls are and where the blockers are, can let you focus on the solutions. Read more about the value of data in this article.

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