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Transformative BPM software for your business

Atlas Play is business process management (BPM) software that you can use to map, test and automate your business process models. Our leading BPM software is available for businesses from small to medium enterprise, as well as larger firms, and is backed by the industry leading expertise of ATS Global.

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The best workflow management system for SMEs
Scalable software

The best workflow management system for SMEs

Atlas Play provides a scalable, accessible and refined software as a service solution to your workflow management system needs. Atlas Play helps anyone balancing running their business with growing it by letting them map, play and automate business processes that can be matured from very simple to very complex.

Atlas_Play_BPM Workflow software that really transforms
Map end-to-end processes

BPM Workflow software that really transforms

By taking advantage of Atlas Play you can use BPM to optimise your workflows. You can take a holistic approach to your business processes optimisation. Atlas Play helps you map out end-to-end processes, including multiple workflows and varied stakeholders, pulling them all together to effect genuine digital transformation in your business.

Why Atlas Play?

Intuitive BPM software

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5 steps to digital transformation

Step 1: Create an agile, flexible team

Assign their user roles and allow them autonomy to create, play, and automate processes

5 steps to digital transformation

Step 2: Mature your processes

From documenting through to integration, continuously improve

5 steps to digital transformation

Step 3: Integrate your processes

Bring your processes to bear in your world. Integrate with networks, mobile, and fixed PCs and automate above all else

5 steps to digital transformation

Step 4: Educate your people

Give your workforce ownership in the digital transformation process. Include them in the journey and educate them on the benefits of BPM

5 steps to digital transformation

Step 5: Evolve your culture

Embrace continuous improvement and make digital transformation a core value of your business. Use Atlas Play to reach the next level and open the door to the fourth industrial revolution

Atlas Play mobile app
Our Apps

Efficiency whenever you need it

The Atlas Play mobile app will be soon available on Android and iOS devices to provide your team with Atlas efficiency wherever they might be.

  • Reach across platforms
  • Include every element of your business
  • Access Atlas everywhere

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Integrate Play

Atlas Play connectivity

Our software works seamlessly with 3rd party softwares using advanced API integration. Control your whole business from one place, integrating with technology you’re familiar with and getting the absolute most out of your technology investments.


What is Atlas Play?

Atlas Play is business process mapping (BPM) software. Using Atlas Play enables your business to reach new levels of efficiency by mapping out your business process, integrating with your current IT structure and eliminating wasted time and resources.

Is Atlas Play right for your business?

Atlas Play is designed to be applicable to all businesses. Whether you’re in manufacturing or retail, Atlas Play can help you achieve new levels of efficiency.

What you can do with Atlas Play?

Atlas Play lets you map out the processes that cover your entire business. You can assign tasks to user roles and monitor feedback and output as your processes run. With advanced API integration functionality you can plug Atlas Play into your existing IT and finance infrastructure.

What do SME owners need to know about 4IR technologies?

Fourth industrial revolution (4IR) technologies combine advances in artificial intelligence, big data, automation, sensors and other technologies, removing the barrier between virtual and physical worlds.

How do I get started with Atlas Play?

Either contact us for a demo or see our How to Get Started articles. If you want to test drive Atlas Play then contact us and we will arrange for your own Atlas Play work space to play with. Then follow our guide on how to map a process in Altas Play.

What processes should I start with?

There are two things you need: the motivation and the problem. These two will help you to understand where to start. For more details on how to create lasting digital transformation check out your guide to 5 steps to digital transformation.

Does Atlas Play have a mobile app?

Atlas Play was designed to be mobile first and can currently be accessed via your mobile web browser. This means that the Share and Play features have been optimised to work on a smartphone. This is a great option if you are looking to reduce cost of client computing and networking. We are currently rebuilding our Android and iOS apps to make them even more efficient and will be releasing them to the public soon!

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What our customers say


Peter Wilson CEng MIET
Lancaster University


Senior Research Associate

We are just at the beginning of two Industry 4.0 projects which will utilise Atlas software. The team is very knowledgeable, flexible and professional. I have high expectations of Atlas!

Steve Horrex
Cambridge Vacuum Engineering Ltd.


Head of Sales

In Cambridge Vacuum Engineering, one of the key customer demands for turbocharger welding systems is full industry 4.0 compliance. With Atlas we will provide traceability, improve productivity, reduce downtime and achieve a reliable production output.

Dr. Katy Milne


Chief Engineer

As a centre of innovation working with supply chain companies from multiple sectors, MTC needs an extremely flexible and configurable workflow management system. That's why we have been beta testing Atlas Play in our state-of-the-art additive manufacturing facility in the DRAMA programme.