Atlas Optimise

Optimise your business with Atlas

When you integrate Atlas Optimise into your Atlas Play experience you can give your mapped processes an unprecedented layer of depth. With processes linking to and having an understanding of the resources available, your business processes can intelligently feedback data on resource management.

Using machine learning, your processes can even begin to make automated decisions, alert you of shortages or surpluses and report on misallocations.

Resource efficiency

Optimise makes your processes omniscient

With a complete understanding of your resources and resource location within the supply chain, Atlas software can make your processes all knowing. Resource efficiency within a supply chain lives and dies on awareness.

Optimise can give you that awareness and with proper implementation, take that responsibility off your plate.

Skill and tool management

Optimising the use of your resources

Optimise does what it says on the tin – it optimises how you use your resources. You can take complete control over resources from location management through to supply chain management and people management. Optimise enables efficient use of skill management and tool management.

Whether you want to know the location, amount, quality or level of any given resource, Optimise gives you that visibility, monitors what’s important and makes adjustments where needed.

Optimise has your back

Digital twins provide added confidence

You can deploy your physical logistics with the utmost confidence using a digital twin approach. By recreating real life circumstances in a virtual platform, you can simulate how each element of your production line will run in the real world.

Using those digitally twinned models, you can iterate design and implementation before you commit any resources to physical elements of your business.

Optimise everything with Atlas Optimise

Atlas Optimise

Optimise on the go

Atlas software is always designed with mobile first in mind, Optimise is no different.

  • Scan and identify QR codes
  • Discover resource information
  • Receive resource notifications
Integrate Optimise

Optimise works well with others

Atlas Optimise integrates seamlessly with a wide range of 3rd party software’s that you may already be using to cover your CRM, PLM and ERP needs. With Atlas Optimise and our advanced API solutions you’ll be able to interact with platforms such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Windchill, Siemens and more.

We are always ready to enable integration with any system so if you’re worried about whether Optimise will work with your existing architecture, get in touch and we’ll create a solution.


Is my data safe?

Yes. Atlas uses cutting edge security methodologies and technologies to ensure every byte of your company’s data is as secure as technologically possible.

Do I need Optimise to make Atlas Play work?

Atlas Play isn’t dependent on Atlas Optimise to work, but the functionality of Optimise does enhance what Atlas Play can do. Larger companies with a lot of resources to keep track of will certainly see the benefit of combining Play with Optimise.

Will Optimise work with my current software?

Using advanced API approaches we’ve been able to interface with almost every major industry software and can help you integrate Atlas with any other software you might be using!

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