Atlas Boost

Atlas Boost enables revolutionary data analytics

From crunching real-time data as it’s collected by sensors in your facilities, to cleansing, processing and transforming historical data, Boost enables. Dashboards can be generated that fit your specific requirements and data can be handled how you need it to be.

Boost makes your data work for you

Delivering data in a way that makes sense

With custom dashboards and enhanced reporting, Atlas Boost makes your data work for you. Your data can inform KPIs on a per role basis, in turn your data can drive optimisation of your business and create business excellence across the board.

Boost doesn’t just give you visibility of your data, powerful software handles the cleansing, processing and implementation of data driven insight on a second by second basis.

Turn data into insight

Making data useful at all times

With industry leading cold-path analysis, Boost can cleanse, process and put to use years of historical data in the blink of an eye. Warm-path and hot-path analysis allows you to turn data into insight as it’s being collected.

Information passed to Atlas by the equipment on your shop floor can instantly be analysed and used to make efficiency boosting adjustments on the fly, without any breaks in production.

Boost & AI

Using AI to make your data work for you

Using advanced AI systems, Atlas Boost makes data collection, cleansing and utilising truly efficient. With the help of AI, Boost can evaluate the data your sensors, machines and data stores deliver, cleansing it as it’s collected.

With proper implementation, AI can save hundreds of hours of work spent manually appraising thousands upon thousands of lines of data by processing it at incredible speeds.

Boost pulls together every bit of data your company produces and turns it into insight.

5 Steps to Data Optimisation

Step 1 - Collect your data

Harvest real-time data using Atlas Edge or pull data directly via internet of things (IoT) devices. Wherever data can be generated and collected, Atlas Boost will find it

5 Steps to Data Optimisation

Step 2 - Display your data

Display real-time data using custom dashboards created by Atlas Boost. Everything is displayed in context with event driven data from Atlas Play providing added meaning to what you see

5 Steps to Data Optimisation

Step 3 - Organise your data

With Boost, your data management becomes natural. Everything is stored and organised in a way that makes it easy to access and ready to be put into use. Boost handles your data management so you don’t have to

5 Steps to Data Optimisation

Step 4 - Utilise your data

By using comprehensive AI systems, Boost can make predictions based on your data. Predictive analysis from Boost can help avoid blockers, increase productivity and circumvent slow downs in production

5 Steps to Data Optimisation

Step 5 - Automate, using your data

Atlas Boost can take your clean, useful, predictive data and feed it algorithmically back to Atlas Edge. Your machines and devices can become autonomous, operating independently at the speed of light

Power of data

Atlas Boost turns data into insight

By using Atlas Boost you take control of the power of data.

  • Harvest data in real-time
  • Cleanse historical data in record time
  • Become a data driven industry leader
Integrate Boost

Atlas Boost is enabled for interaction

By using advanced API integration, Atlas Boost is able to make use of industry leading machine learning systems such as Azure Machine Learning and TensorFlow. Platforms such as Kafka and Druid allow Atlas Boost to achieve absolute connectivity on an unprecedented scale.


Is my data secure with Atlas Boost?

Your data will always be secure with Atlas. We keep your data safe using cutting edge technology and layered security methods.

Am I always connected to the cloud?

Atlas Boost is ultimately configurable and you can choose just how much or little you are connected to the cloud. With Atlas Edge you can also buffer data at the edge, making it ultra reliable.

What kind of data can I see?

You can see virtually any kind of data in Atlas Boost. Our flexible system is designed to make sure every drop of data is wrung out of your business and turned into insight. The three main types of data are time series data, task event data and unstructured data such as files and images.

What can I do with my data?

Data processed by Atlas Boost can be put to use reconfiguring your business, making on the fly changes in production lines, or to make predictive amendments to how your business runs. However your data might be put to use, Atlas Boost is there for you.

How do I know what data to collect?

Atlas is here to help with any question you have about what data is important or not. We would suggest you have to ask yourself two questions: ‘Who needs this data or this metric?’ And ‘What business value does this bring?’ Try to avoid data for data’s sake.

How is my data displayed?

Custom dashboards can be created within Atlas Boost to display your data in a way that works best for you.

Does Atlas Boost use machine learning or AI?

Custom dashboards can be created within Atlas Boost to display your data in a way that works best for you. Boost also uses advanced AI to make sure only accurate and pertinent data is collected and displayed.

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Dr. Katy Milne


Chief Engineer

As a centre of innovation working with supply chain companies from multiple sectors, MTC needs an extremely flexible and configurable workflow management system. That's why we have been beta testing Atlas Play in our state-of-the-art additive manufacturing facility in the DRAMA programme.

Peter Wilson CEng MIET


Senior Research Associate

We are just at the beginning of two Industry 4.0 projects which will utilise Atlas software. The team is very knowledgeable, flexible and professional. I have high expectations of Atlas!

Steve Horrex


Head of Sales

In Cambridge Vacuum Engineering, one of the key customer demands for turbocharger welding systems is full industry 4.0 compliance. With Atlas we will provide traceability, improve productivity, reduce downtime and achieve a reliable production output.