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The Atlas software suite opens up new revenue earning possibilities for all of our partners. Our software enables peak levels of efficiency for you and your customers, while helping you wipe out IT debt and streamlining your business processes. You can save time and resources you might spend on manual tasks, freeing up hours you can spend on building your enterprise in ways that matter.

What sets us apart

Tailored Methodologies

At Atlas, we aim to be more than a software house. We create industry leading software, but we also design methodologies that help companies achieve success. By partnering with us, we can share our approaches to realising digital transformation, so you can help your customers achieve more.

We start with our five steps to digital transformation and build out from there. Like everything we do, we iterate, implement and improve our methodologies. We look at what works in the industry we’re working with. We look at what’s worked for us and we look at what works for our partners. We apply our learning and we create new ways of achieving success.

We listen to our partners and learn from them so our solutions can be the most comprehensive available. Everything we discover, whether that’s from our own research, from the customers we have, or from partners we work with, goes into our knowledge base. From there we share, learn, grow and educate, all at the same time. And we can help you do the same for your customers.

The Atlas Platform

As an Atlas partner, you get access to the Atlas platform. That means you can capture all of the domain knowledge you’ve gained as an expert in your industry. That might be your industry’s processes, tried and tested key performance indicators or industry specific AI algorithms.

We provide the platform while you maintain the intellectual property. However you choose to use Atlas to enhance your offering, that’s all yours. We are there to provide an industry leading platform so you can provide excellent levels of service to your customers. This is a potential partnership in the truest sense of the term.

Speed of engagement

You can provide a new level of engagement. With your processes and expertise mapped and automated, you can engage with companies more efficiently. Atlas Play saves you time by standardising and automating you and your client’s processes so you can get to what your customers need faster. On top of that, Atlas handles all of your infrastructure needs using the most advanced cloud technologies available, so there’s no lag between customer contact and customer satisfaction.

Atlas enables a world where IT is made easy. You don’t need to worry about server maintenance, network management, limited memory or lacking disc space. All you need to do is focus on serving your customers in the best way possible. Using Atlas Cloud solutions, your time to value is cut to an absolute minimum and your client base will believe you’re capable of magic.

Our software solutions are designed to integrate efficiently with your current software as well as any bespoke technologies you might use. That means everything from your CRM software to your accounting platforms can be integrated and automated using Atlas. With the back office automated, you can concentrate on your client facing operations. Your speed of engagement and depth of service is instantly increased by orders of magnitude.

Added value services

When you use Atlas software, you can provide true value added service to your customers. If you’re a system integrator, you have access to software that enables you to bring your clients entire operation into one no-code platform. For machine builders, you can offer business process management that covers their entire offerings. If you offer human resource services, you can automate a client’s entire hire-to-retire process in one place. Consultants can embed executable, repeatable and visible business processes from the very start of their engagement. The possibilities are limitless.

With Atlas Play, businesses have access to industry leading, no-code business process mapping and workflow automation. Going deeper, a business can integrate their processes with existing or bespoke softwares and start to automate. Atlas Play is designed to operate across platforms, so regardless of what is being used, Atlas can enhance it.

Going deeper still, our extended suite of software gives access to true added value services. Boost enables the collection, analysis and utilisation of any and all data that a company produces. Edge makes data processing instantaneous, forming millions of connections to the cloud and eliminating latency. Optimise gives complete visibility and control over every resource within a business.

Customer satisfaction

We aim for customer satisfaction and we know you do too. A business lives and dies on its reputation and being able to provide satisfaction to each and every customer is key to that. Our software is infinitely adaptable and can be put to use providing an excellent customer experience every time.

We want to provide you with a level of support that means you can offer your customers satisfaction that goes above and beyond. We’ll give you access to our capability consultants, you’ll get previews of upcoming features and you can help guide the direction of our developments on the Atlas platform.

As well as being a part of the software’s future, Atlas software gives you the opportunity to integrate with customer relations software, sales platforms and any bespoke technologies that help you provide an excellent customer experience. With increased autonomy you free your people up to focus on providing personal care to your clients. You can drive strategy decisions based on concrete data. You can eliminate sunk time by spotting potential areas of customer concern and fixing them before they occur.

Solutions architect services

Atlas provides intelligent solutions to emergent problems. We are at the cutting edge and we’re immersed in emergent technologies, methodologies and business philosophies. We are the architects of solutions that most companies aren’t even aware of yet.

Our SaaS solutions are designed from the ground up with the idea that there is no point where what we offer will be ‘good enough’. We iterate our designs so they solve new problems as new problems arise. Using an agile approach and lean-startup methodology, we keep our development cycles short and frequent. When we encounter a new challenge, that becomes a part of our next solution.

We work with a wide range of industries and we take the knowledge we gain from each new industry and each new partner and use it to benefit the whole. By diversifying our involvement, we make sure we have a base of expertise that can be applied to any problem, and create solutions that exceed expectations.

By using Atlas software, you take onboard all of that knowledge and experience and you can apply it to the problems you face day to day. With Atlas, you can become your own solution architect while also drawing on our ability to help you approach challenges in a novel way and provide comprehensive solutions.

Collaboration between 3rd parties

From the very start, we knew Atlas had to play well with others. We put integration at the core of what we do, because we saw that every new innovation in the world of technology pointed towards a world where that technology works together. We want you to be able to use our platform to make the most out of your AI modules and intellectual property (IP).

We know you want ownership of what you’ve worked hard to create and we’re here to facilitate you using it to the most effective degree. Atlas will always be the platform and your input will always be yours. Whether that means enabling your ability to deploy your AI modules within a process or at the edge, you will always own your IP. Any processes you design within the Atlas system will always be your own IP as well.

When it comes to integration, you can start with something as simple as integrating Atlas with your timekeeping software and go from there. The sky’s the limit and we’re constantly finding new ways to make our software work seamlessly with other businesses. Whether that’s connecting to software or automating equipment, Atlas software can do it.

We use advanced API technology to make our suite of tools fit any company. If it doesn’t already, we will work with you to make sure what we do makes what you do easier, more efficient and more impactful. Our goal is to provide you with software that allows you to achieve autonomy, with Atlas at the heart of it. We provide you access to th

Access to innovative projects

As the innovation core of ATS Global, we’re proud to have been a part of some of the most innovative projects running today. We’re helping the manufacturers of tomorrow realise their ambitions by providing them a digital platform and a set of tools that matches and exceeds their expectations. And we’re excited to partner with you on your next innovation project. If you have something remarkable in the works and need to find a way to achieve your goals on an award winning platform, we’re ready to go when you are.

With the SHARK Project, we helped demonstrate the efficacy of using laser texturing in additive manufacturing. The project showed that additive manufacturing, which is still seen in some areas as a niche approach, can be adaptable, flexible and applied in ways that can benefit diverse areas of the manufacturing world. Our work on the project saw Atlas recognised by the EU Commission’s Innovation Radar.

By working with the SEAMLESS Project, Atlas helped demonstrate that post processing in additive manufacturing could be centralised and automated. Our software gave the project a single environment from which to run processes, collect and evaluate data in real-time, using that analysis to provide in-progress feedback and amendments.

The DRAMA Project set out to demonstrate how additive manufacturing could be used to provide integral components to the aerospace industry at a fraction of the time and cost. Atlas software was used to create the world’s first digitally twinned additive manufacturing facility. With the help of Atlas, the DRAMA Project won the award for Best Research Team of 2019.

Premium access to Atlas products

By partnering with Atlas, you have special access to Atlas software. Our partners benefit from a level of access that reflects the importance we put on enabling our partners to provide the quality of service we know Atlas can enable. As an Atlas partner, you get a direct line to us in terms of ongoing development of the platform, focusing on improvement and implementation that will provide you and your customers with real benefit.

We wouldn’t be where we are without dedicated involvement from partners that are as passionate about digital transformation as we are. With that in mind, we do everything we can to support our hard working peers.

That starts with sharing our expertise and knowledge, and continues by listening to and understanding the demands that your industry produces. We tailor solutions to the problems that you and your customers face on a daily basis.

Becoming an Atlas partner is the best decision you’ll make today

Partnering with Atlas

  • Access to an award winning platform
  • A free exchange of decades worth of experience
  • Fast time to value for your customers
  • A partnership that both sides value

Part of the technology world

Atlas is a relatively young company, but as the innovation core of ATS Global, we carry with us a weight of industry expertise. We pride ourselves on being an active part of the technology world.

Between us, our parent company and our valued partners, we have access to and visual on every new trend, each fresh element of tech and all emergent business methodologies and practices. We are shaped by, and we shape, the world of technology and we’re always happy to partner with people who feel the same.


Don’t just take our word for it


Peter Wilson CEng MIET
Lancaster University


Senior Research Associate

We are just at the beginning of two Industry 4.0 projects which will utilise Atlas software. The team is very knowledgeable, flexible and professional. I have high expectations of Atlas!

Steve Horrex
Cambridge Vacuum Engineering Ltd.


Head of Sales

In Cambridge Vacuum Engineering, one of the key customer demands for turbocharger welding systems is full industry 4.0 compliance. With Atlas we will provide traceability, improve productivity, reduce downtime and achieve a reliable production output.

Dr. Katy Milne


Chief Engineer

As a centre of innovation working with supply chain companies from multiple sectors, MTC needs an extremely flexible and configurable workflow management system. That's why we have been beta testing Atlas Play in our state-of-the-art additive manufacturing facility in the DRAMA programme.

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