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Process Manufacturing

Atlas enables operational excellence in process manufacturing

Process manufacturing is about the bringing together of disparate elements and through primary and secondary manufacturing areas, turning them into valuable products. With so many material movements, transformation and complex machines, the process can become tangled and difficult to improve. Atlas software allows any company in the world of process manufacturing to turn these complex systems into easily understood, traceable resources, and automated processes.

Whatever the industry, Atlas is here to help

We have cross industry expertise and we use that wealth of knowledge to make life easier for anyone who adopts Atlas. We can enable revolutionary process manufacturing with our software, but we’re not limited to that. Regardless of the industry, the company, or the size, you can map your journey to digital transformation with Atlas.

Integrations and automation

Autonomy in your facilities

Process manufacturing turns disparate ingredients into saleable products. To do that, you need equipment that converts, combines and creates these ingredients and products. There’s no such thing as a simple production line and with Atlas software, you can transform these complex systems with reliable, repeatable processes and push for full automation and autonomy in your devices.

Atlas was built from day one with integration in mind. As the innovation core of ATS Global, we know manufacturing and engineering better than anyone else. Our software can take any business from unconnected systems that need micromanaging and manual operation, to a state of true automation.

Using 5G networking and edge computing, we can link all of your devices to the cloud within a single platform. You can create processes that run the entire length of your production lines, from receipt of ingredients to delivery of products. With the proper integration, we can eliminate untold manual work, removing the ‘hands on’ from your business and replacing it with automation.

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Improvement with Atlas

Quality assurance at all times

Atlas software uses cloud architectures and edge computing that allow you to collect, analyse and utilise massive amounts of data in an instant. Quality assurance can be done in real time, with immediate feedback to your devices. Ingredients arriving can be evaluated and handled automatically, before they ever reach a production line. And your product can be constantly checked for quality assurance throughout its creation.

Atlas software runs on data and the more your facilities produce, the more our software can help you improve. Every element of quality assurance can be baked into Atlas and can happen constantly at multiple points throughout production. If any element of your production causes the quality of your product to dip, that can be spotted and solved without any downtime.

With edge computing, your systems can work as though you have data farms on-site without the massive costs that would entail. Atlas software eliminates latency issues and opens up the possibilities that come with having instant access to data lakes and data crunching software. 5G connectivity means all of your devices can be providing data and implementing insight at the same time.

Automate and manage resources

Resource management

From the individual ingredients that go into your manufacturing process to the products they produce, everything needs to be accounted for, stored and moved when needed. Your equipment, your devices and your transport all needs to be tracked and maintained. Atlas can help automate all of that, giving you a single platform in which to manage it.

By adopting Atlas, you can make resource management straightforward and automatic. You gain visibility and control of every element of your business, from supply acquisition through to product output. Ingredients arriving at your facilities can be quantified and quality checked. They can be stored, catalogued and made ready for production as needed. Then each element that your facilities produce, from interim to completed products, can be moved, stored, and shipped efficiently.

What’s more, this whole process can be automated. At a simple level, Atlas can enable visibility over the length of these processes, showing you inconsistencies and pitfalls. With proper implementation, each step can develop into autonomy. Atlas software is designed to integrate across fixed systems, networks, mobile devices and a vast array of equipment linked to process manufacturing.

Sensor feedback, inventory scanning and any other form of input come together under Atlas to produce a single point of access for complete resource management. From within Atlas you can track stock levels and product performance. You can see ingredient shelf life and quality assurance data. Everything is there at a glance.

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Automate and manage resources

Sustainable operational excellence

We open up the cloud to businesses because we know that proper use of cloud architectures removes infrastructure costs. We provide a no-code platform so that anyone can get the most from our software. We use edge computing and big data technologies so everyone can benefit from data driven excellence. We help companies take up methodologies that will let them leap into their digital transformation journey.

Using approaches like lean startup methodology and 6 Sigma can give any company a boost in terms of operational excellence. Our goal is to provide our users and partners with a platform that makes iterative design and implementation simple. With Atlas, you can make rapid, incremental improvements to your business processes, seeing what works and what doesn’t and adapting in real time.

We know growth is good. That’s a fundamental principle in business and something that’s near universal, regardless of whether you’re working in process manufacturing or the film industry. But with growth comes limitations. Infrastructure, IT services, resource management and people power all need to scale with the business. Atlas takes that responsibility and turns it into possibility.

With Atlas, you don’t need to sink the extra revenue you’re seeing from your company’s growth into supporting outmoded infrastructure. We maintain top of the line cloud based solutions that grow and adapt to your business. Every step of your journey towards becoming an industry leader is supported by our software, without you sacrificing revenue on one-size-fits-all solutions that drain your budgets.

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