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Human Resources

Atlas puts the human interaction back into human resources

If you find that your ability to interact in your human resources activities is being buried beneath mountains of documentation, records and reporting; we’re here to help. So much of the business of managing your human resources efforts requires laborious attention to busy work. That can result in actual face to face interaction becoming an afterthought. Atlas enables you to streamline and automate these administrative processes and allows you to put the focus back where it matters, with human beings.

Whatever the industry, Atlas is here to help

We have cross industry expertise and we use that wealth of knowledge to make life easier for anyone who adopts Atlas. We can enable revolutionary human resource management with our software, but we’re not limited to that. Regardless of the industry, the company, or the size, you can map your journey to digital transformation with Atlas.

Revolutionising the way you recruit

If you can ensure you have the best employees available, you can be sure your company is able to achieve the goals you’ve set for it. To make sure you’re employing the right people in the right roles, now you need to search through vast amounts of people. Atlas software can keep track of the positions you need to fill now and in the future. It can search the market for people that fit your requirements. And, with proper implementation, it can evaluate potential staff before they even know they’re perfect for your company.

With satellite work quickly becoming commonplace, your talent pool is fast becoming global. That’s a lot of CVs to sift through and it’s easy for the right people to slip by while you’re working your way through an unending pile of maybes. We can help you automate your search for the right person, in the right role, with the right skill. Atlas can track recruitment markets based on your needs now, and in the future, ensuring you’ve got a constant supply of perfect candidates.

With Atlas taking the hard work out of searching for employees, your human resources department can focus on the more personal aspects of recruitment. Atlas can serve you up a perfect portfolio of candidates, handle the verification and quality checking of incoming documents, allowing you to look potential new employees in the eye and discover if they’re going to fit your culture and ambitions.

Boosting staff development

Developing your staff to their full potential means your business is working at its absolute best. To do this you need to identify potential skills that could be improved, what your company could benefit from, and how you can facilitate that. Atlas software is designed to keep track of your goals, your staff’s desires and potential, and what programs you can offer to help the people who work for you reach their full potential.

From standard training through to bespoke programs of improvement, Atlas offers you a way to track and evaluate your staff development. Our software can automatically organise evaluations and training as necessary, offering instant feedback on where the people within your organisation can benefit from training.

With customisable dashboards, you can see your staff, their skills, and their potential at a glance. You can plan for the future based on recorded and expected advances in various areas in your business. You can set performance targets for your staff and let Atlas report back on where extra attention might need to be afforded, or where star players are outperforming based on custom KPIs.

Automating administration

With Atlas, the administration of human resources can be automated to the point where your day to day activity is focused almost exclusively on the people you need to help. We can help you map processes that cover your entire hire to retire systems. The busy work of collecting, collating, organising and storing employees data is handled in one platform, automatically; freeing up time to focus on what really matters.

Regardless of the business or industry, every company needs to hire employees to operate and that process incurs massive amounts of paperwork. By implementing Atlas, you can collect potential CVs from the available workforce, organising and eliminating inappropriate prospects before your HR team ever sees them.

After the hiring process is complete, the business of collecting and storing important data requires hours of manual work that can be automated with our software. The process of contacting new employees, collecting their documentation and quality checking it can all be mapped, shared and run repeatedly. You can amend, adapt and update these processes as your business grows and your requirements change.

And when the time comes for an employee to move on, your mapped processes in Atlas can ensure that every step is completed correctly. The right forms can be sent, signed and collected. The correct documents can be issued and verified data is used every time. Exit interviews and employee reviews can be conducted, stored, and recalled whenever necessary.

Maintaining an inclusive workplace

A diverse and inclusive workplace means you’ve got a workforce that covers as many viewpoints, expertises and approaches as possible. To fully embrace the benefits an inclusive approach gives, you’ve got to have practices in place to ensure you’re taking every opportunity possible. Atlas enables your HR department to maintain a balance in their approach to everything from recruitment, through to staff development and the day-to-day running of your business.

Atlas can automatically track any indicators of diversity and inclusivity in your business that you want to focus on. If you feel like you’re falling behind on certain areas, Atlas can be used to provide continuous feedback on how your ongoing efforts are going to achieve those goals. Feedback can be sent and received within Atlas, evaluating how your employees gauge your efforts and where they believe you could offer improvements.

You can also use Atlas as a tool to research and evaluate inclusivity throughout your industry and in the world at large. You can discover new opportunities for training and development as they appear. You can even automate the process by which your company rolls new approaches into your company, enabling means for your company to improve without wasting time going through manual searches and hours of reading.

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