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Financial Service

Financial services and insurance providers transform with Atlas

Atlas Play enables digital transformation for the banking, financial services and insurance industry overnight by providing a platform where their end to end processes can become visualised, automated and repeatable. By combining this with cutting edge cloud processing and edge computing, huge amounts of numerical data can be collected, analysed and turned into insight in an insight.

Whatever the industry, Atlas is here to help

We have cross industry expertise and we use that wealth of knowledge to make life easier for anyone who adopts Atlas. We can enable revolutionary financial and insurance services provision with our software, but we’re not limited to that. Regardless of the industry, the company, or the size, you can map your journey to digital transformation with Atlas.

The power of big data

Data becomes insight

Atlas makes your company’s data work for you. With access to vast cloud storage and edge computing, Atlas puts the power of big data at your fingertips. Mountains of data from your customers and the industry at large can be pulled, organised, analysed and put to use. By using Atlas, you get the kind of data crunching capabilities you’d have with a data farm onsite, without any of the overheads.

The landscape of the financial service industry changes daily, not in grand movements but in momentary, cumulative points. Tracking and understanding these changes manually is impossible, and getting ahead of them a pipedream. Using manual approaches, you’ll always be one step away from forming a predictive model that will help you provide excellent service to your customers.

Atlas software takes that data, every minute change amongst the millions that happen moment to moment, and harnesses them. Based on your KPIs and predefined goals, Atlas can crunch data in real time and turn it into instant insight. With the power of Atlas, you can edge ahead of the competition and offer the most competitive service imaginable to your clients.

The same can be said for the world of insurance providers. With infinitely variable data coming in from a multitude of unique cases and claims, being able to track and understand those levels of data can seem like an insurmountable task. Atlas can make that data digestible, providing consistency and accuracy across disparate industries and accounts, ensuring the service you provide is picture perfect.

New levels of efficiency

Putting BPMN to work for you

Six sigma tells us that a vital route to success is “by measuring how many defects there are in a process and systematically eliminating them until there are as close to zero defects as possible.” With proper mapping and management of your business processes, you can spot, understand and eliminate defects in your business processes.

This will inevitably provide you with new levels of efficiency in your enterprise. Atlas is built on industry leading BPMN methodologies and, with a no-code approach, can put these tools into the hands of anyone, without adding to any existing IT debts and backlogs.

We believe that digital transformation is possible for any company, of any size, in any industry. That’s why our approach to software design has always been geared towards making the most comprehensive and effective set of tools possible, which can simultaneously be picked up and put to use with little to no IT experience.

No-code and low-code are terms that are put about a lot in the current software market. Often these terms can mask software that might require little in terms of coding experience, but still provide a high barrier to entry for non-IT professionals. That’s something we’ve worked hard to avoid. We want Atlas software to be accessible to all, without losing any of the underlying power that we’re able to inject our software with.

Efficiency at your fingertips

A new way to approach sales strategy

Sales has traditionally always been a numbers game, but it doesn’t have to be. So much of your sales processes can be taken up with manual busy work that minimises the amount of time your team could spend demonstrating value to potential customers. Atlas software enables efficient contact with verified leads, and more time creating conversions rather than maintaining unwieldy databases of ‘maybes’.

The business of finding, qualifying, verifying and contacting leads, only for a percentage to turn into duds, can sap the energy from your sales team and turn productive hours into drudgery. Atlas can handle data cleansing on an unprecedented scale. Based on criteria you hand Atlas software, you can clean your sales databases of dead emails, outdated contact details, and unproductive prospects. With Atlas doing the work for you, your sales team can be more sure than ever that the people they reach out to, are the right people.

Beyond the initial reach out, Atlas can handle aftercare and follow ups. Based on your own KPIs and business strategies, Atlas can make use of advanced AI and machine learning to handle repeat contact with potential clients, either automatically or by prompting your sales team where necessary.

Enable growth

Transforming your business development

Atlas software is designed to help your business scale. From custom dashboards to bespoke data models, Atlas can be built to reflect and enable your growth. Every element within our software can be fine tuned to ensure you’re working towards KPIs that you define. And, as your business grows, your scope changes and your goals develop, Atlas adapts to these changes as quickly as you do.

By implementing Atlas, you’ve taken a vital step in achieving total digital transformation. We can help you bring together your business strategies, concepts and goals and put them all into a single, accessible, adaptable digital platform. You can manage your growth and development within Atlas, tracking vital data from within your own company as well as comparative data from the industry as a whole.

With every element of your business visible at the click of a button, with your processes mapped, shared and automated, with every piece of data produced by your company collected, cleansed and turned into insight, you can make your next move with confidence. And each ‘next move’ you make can be folded into a continuous journey smoothly. Iterative development made possible with our software turns into daily growth and sustainable operational excellence.

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