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Discrete Manufacturing

Atlas achieves autonomy in discrete manufacturing

With so many moving parts, discrete manufacturing quickly becomes a maze of equipment, resources, assemblies, parts and schedules. With Atlas, we can help you automate where necessary, regain control of your engineer to order processes, and create autonomy in your equipment. Using our innovative, no-code approach, every step of your production process can be visualised, streamlined and automated, by anyone.

Whatever the industry, Atlas is here to help

We have cross industry expertise and we use that wealth of knowledge to make life easier for anyone who adopts Atlas. We can enable revolutionary process manufacturing with our software, but we’re not limited to that. Regardless of the industry, the company, or the size, you can map your journey to digital transformation with Atlas.

Understand your data

Data driven excellence

Atlas excels with data. Discrete manufacturing processes create massive amounts of data and by understanding that data, any business can improve. Your facilities handle complex manufacturing assembly processes, from supply chains to production lines. With Atlas, you can break that information down into actionable insight.

With discrete manufacturing turning more and more towards automation, the pressure being put on traditional IT architectures is becoming unsustainable. Atlas operates seamlessly with the cloud, enabling continuous growth and development within a single platform. Infrastructure costs are minimised by cloud data solutions and operations can scale without fear that their IT systems will hold them back.

Atlas has proven itself as a leader in the world of 5G communication with our work on the 5GEM Project. We believe that with edge computing and 5G communication, you can start utilising data lakes and cloud storage without latency. Your equipment can provide data to the cloud, which is instantly analysed, turned into insight and passed back to your shop floor. Your business can achieve new levels of efficiency in real-time.

With all of that information at your fingertips, you can start to remove inefficiency in your process. By properly understanding what’s happening, you can spot pitfalls and wasted resources and eliminate redundancy. Atlas enables an understanding of your business that would otherwise be beyond your reach.

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Smart technology at your service

Automation for everyone

Automation allows your people to focus on what’s important. Automation of your facilities means the busy work of following processes manually, evaluating them and improving them, can be handled with the correct integration of smart technology. That’s what we’re here for.

With Atlas, you can optimise everything from repeatable manufacturing tasks through to ordering and quality checking materials used in production. Discrete manufacturing, by its nature, involves massive amounts of interaction between components, machines, suppliers and distributors. From the delivery of part programs to CNC  machines through to collecting results from quality test equipment like CMM. By adopting Atlas, you can automate these relationships. You can remove human error from the equation and speed up your processes at the same time.

As a no-code platform, Atlas puts this level of automation in the hands of anyone. Far from adding to your IT debt, Atlas opens the door to minimising time and cost spent on adopting systems that require specialised knowledge to use. With Atlas, automation becomes a reality for everyone.

Shop floor efficiency

The beating heart of discrete manufacturing is the shop floor. This is where components from all around the world meet machines designed to create and become products ready for market. It doesn’t matter how well the world outside works, if the shop floor is lacking efficiency, your potential output is harmed. Atlas can eliminate inefficiency on your shop floor by automating everything, analysing and improving your processes and handling the massive amounts of data your facilities produce.

Atlas software is designed from the ground up to be integration friendly. We use advanced edge technologies to make sure our software works well with any equipment, machines or devices commonly used. Our software can revolutionise how CNC robots and welding machines operate within your business. Atlas can help automate quality control by enabling real time feedback from CMMs, surface finish machinery and x-ray. We work hard to make sure our clients can integrate Atlas with anything bespoke or unique to your business.

By integrating seamlessly with your shop floor equipment, Atlas can begin to turn the data your company produces into insight. Errors in manufacturing, slow downs, redundancy, all become clear and resolvable with Atlas. Data is gathered from elements such as CNC, CMM and robot controllers. That data is analysed and acted upon in real time. With your shop floor working as efficiently as possible, your output reaches new levels. You can then start refining the elements of your business which feed into your shop floor and out from it.

Total control of your operation

Logistics reimagined

Shop floors might be at the centre of your business processes, but they are fed by supply chains and they produce products that need to find their way to consumers. The logistics of operating within the discrete manufacturing world are as vital as the manufacturing itself. Atlas software enables total control of your operation, from supply chain management to quality assurance ahead of shipping your product.

As part of discrete manufacturing, there are many processes that happen outside of the company, both before and during the manufacturing process. As only 20% of the parts by volume are manufactured by RR 80% is in the supply chain, you need to have a keen eye on what’s happening beyond your factory walls. With Atlas, the process can work seamlessly across the supply chain where only the most up to date information is being shared, whilst always maintaining ownership of your IP.

Within Atlas, you can create a visual map of everything your business needs to manufacture your product. You can automate the requisition of those resources and you can streamline the storage of any component you use in your facilities.

You can monitor your equipment, ensuring any breakdowns or failures are caught before they happen. You can give your equipment the autonomy to quality check the products they are creating. From beginning to end, Atlas gives you total control over your logistics and removes the need to micromanage at every step.

Digital twins

Advancing additive manufacturing

Atlas has proved its pedigree when it comes to additive manufacturing (AM). The Atlas platform was put to award winning use in the DRAMA Project, enabling the creation of the world’s first digitally twinned additive manufacturing facility. DRAMA won the award for Best Research Team of the year in 2019 and achieved its goal of advancing additive manufacturing for use in the aerospace industry.

Within the Atlas platform, additive manufacturers have the means to create speculative manufacturing facilities. They can digitally create entire processes, running virtual machinery and seeing how a prospective project will work before they spend a thing on infrastructure. With repeatable, improvable processes dialled in using Atlas software, AM facilities can fire up with confidence.

Once everything is underway, Atlas can collect and utilise data in real time. Atlas can take sensor data and feedback from smart devices and perform in process quality testing. With Atlas, downtime becomes a thing of the past. Errors are spotted as they happen, improvements are made instantly and efficiency increases exponentially.

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