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Discrete Manufacturing

With Atlas, manufacturing efficiency becomes a reality

Atlas can enable control of your validated processes, whilst capturing all shop-floor events as well as handling compliance data. Every piece of data your facilities produce can be collected, analysed and turned into insight that you can use for continuous improvement. We can help you develop iterative improvements in your processes using methodologies such as lean and 6-sigma, within our digital platforms.

Process Manufacturing

Atlas applied to Process Manufacturing

With Atlas you have full support for automated line changeovers, sample rates of products from the line, recipe management and linking up laboratory results. Our software can manage receipt inspection of incoming materials and processes for storing and managing materials. We can help you create accurate tracking of orders and the tracing of material batches in the primary area to the final delivery of your product.

Financial Service

Financial service and insurance providers are elevated by Atlas

With Atlas, financial service and insurance providers can standardise how their business operates. You can offer efficient support to your clients and automate everything. By adopting Atlas, you can collect massive amounts of data which can be turned into insight instantly. You can track, review and act upon trends as they appear within your business and across your industry.

Human Resources

Human resources processes are automated in Atlas

Atlas can automate a company’s entire hire-to-retire processes. As a no-code platform, Atlas enables any business to achieve increased efficiency, removing redundancy and wasted time on manual tasks. Remove the possibility of human error by letting Atlas tick all of the boxes, check and validate all of your processes and keep track of mountains of data.

Our Industries

Atlas is adaptable to any industry, for any company, of any size

Atlas software is designed from the ground up to be ultimately adaptable. We use cutting edge API technology to make sure our solutions work in any industry and with any existing or upcoming technologies, for companies of any size – from SMEs to Enterprise. Whether it’s fixed systems, networks, mobile devices or machinery, Atlas adapts to and enhances it.


I can't see my industry, is Atlas right for me?

Whatever the industry, Atlas is here to help. We have cross industry expertise and we use that wealth of knowledge to make life easier for anyone who adopts Atlas. Regardless of the industry, the company, or the size, you can map your journey to digital transformation with Atlas. Send us a message to discuss using Atlas in your industry.

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