Industrial IoTTalk

29/10/2020 Online Talk
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Industrial IoTTalk

Factory in a box shaped cloud – A Success Story

Industrial IoTTalk is the leading annual meeting which brings together some of the most influential practitioners across the global digital value chain from small job shops to multinational industrial product firms. Due to current global events, this year’s talk will be held online.

ATS Global are sponsoring the first session and our very own Martin Kelman, Atlas lead and Chief Digital Transformation Officer of ATS Global, will be presenting to the collected industry leaders. His talk is entitled Factory in a box shaped cloud – A Success Story, and covers topics such as:

  • Re-imagining “Cloud” for factories / industry
  • How digital transformation is bringing concepts to life – Faster than ever
  • The Magic of Collaboration – UK Government, Industry and Academia – as it is unfolding
  • How to create innovation that’s modular and scalable?

Following Martin’s talk, there will be a round-table event where Martin and the other speakers will have a chance to engage with attendees and get deeper into their areas of expertise!

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