Atlas Cloud for Enterprise

Atlas delivers cloud based services for your enterprise

Atlas Cloud for Enterprise

We are innovative, industry leading cloud architects

Atlas Cloud for Enterprise

We build fully fledged IIoT platforms in the cloud

Atlas Cloud for Enterprise

We enable ready to run DevOps for co-development

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Atlas Cloud for Enterprise

We provide full service, proactive, 24/7 Support


We create cloud solutions for you

Cloud Based Services

We Are Cloud Architects

As award winning cloud architecture experts, we can help you transition your business to the cloud. We create cloud solutions that enable you to scale and grow now. Atlas products help eliminate technical debt and will remain up to date at all times. Our cloud based services make use of edge computing within 5G networks to produce ultra fast results.

IIoT at the next level

We Can Build an IIoT Platform in the Cloud

We’re here to help you connect your systems to the cloud. Using hybrid cloud solutions that match your needs, we can take every element of your shop floor or factory and make them work together as one system. With 30+ years of domain experience, we know the complexities of the shop floor and we can help you get integrated, automated and connected within the IIoT.

Open API Trendsetters

We Use Advanced Adaptable APIs

We work closely with institutions such as TM Forum to create and distribute, cross-industry accessible API technology. We know that the future of technology is disparate systems working together seamlessly and we approach API and integration with that in mind. Atlas Play is designed from the very beginning to use APIs that directly integrate with your business processes.

DevOps creation

We Enable DevOps for Co-Development

The DevOps chains we create for our customers enable agile deployments, iterative development and fully integrated auto-testing. Everything is low-code/no-code so everyone can have input in your transformation. Atlas also enables an infrastructure as code approach, opening up IaaS and helping you implement IaaS strategies. With us, you can achieve continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Focused On Customer Success

We Provide 24/7, In-App Support

Our team of dedicated customer success and support experts will be with you around the clock, in-app using our customer success portal. Whether you need to troubleshoot an issue or need assistance on making the most out of industry 4.0 approaches, we’re here for you. With AI integration, your process can automate problem solving, meaning predictive maintenance becomes a reality, limiting downtime and keeping you operational at all times.

Becoming 5G Ready

We Are 5G Innovators

We can get you ready to make the most out of 5G networking. Using edge computing, we can help you make the most out of 5G. We get your cloud solutions working as though you have your infrastructure onsite. We can integrate 5G networking into an IIoT platform built within the cloud.

From our work with the 5GEM Project to a host of other award winning innovation projects, we’re proven 5G innovators.

We work with the best and so can you

Making use of powerful tools

Atlas makes use of cutting edge technology to make our cutting edge solutions work even better. We have in depth experience and connections with partners including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and the 5G Innovation network. If there’s a system out there that can help in our goal to create industry leading cloud based services, we know it, we use it and we enhance it.


Revolutionising interactivity

Atlas software is designed to work well with others. Using advanced API integration techniques, Atlas software as a service solutions can be combined with Stripe to Office 365 and ZenDesk to Slack. Atlas works with, and enhances, software you already use to make your business as efficient as possible.


What is business process design methodology?

Business processes are the core of any business. With business process design methodology you can map out your business processes, understanding what happens at each stage of each process required for your business to produce what it outputs, developing, streamlining, and repeating them.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the process of adapting your business to make the most out of emergent software technologies. Investment in software that can help you be more efficient and productive will always yield positive returns over the lifetime of your business.

Why should my company focus on process standardisation?

A standardised process is one you can improve on. With repeatable and improvable processes, you can ensure every area of your business is operating at peak efficiency, reviewing its output and enhancing the processes that lead to that output.

What is the cloud?

Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of IT resources over the internet with pay-as-you-go pricing. Instead of buying, owning, and maintaining physical data centers and servers. You can access technology services, such as computing power, storage, and databases, on an as-needed basis from cloud providers like MS Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

What business value does cloud offer my company?

The benefits of cloud are amazing when compared to traditional IT architectures. They are scalable and elastic, automatically matching IT resources to user’s demand. They are agile new technology and services can be added in a matter of minutes, giving you the freedom to innovate. They are global and match the ambition of your business. Lastly, they save money. The cloud allows Atlas to build new technologies and new business models moving customers from capital to operational costs.

How do I integrate with my existing IT systems?

There are many ways to achieve this, at Altas we are always looking forward therefore we ensure whatever interfaces are required are using the latest service oriented architectures (SOA) based on the latest API technologies. We recommend an enterprise service bus approach to future proofing your IT infrastructure.

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