5 Steps to Business Transformation

Step 1: Structure

The first step is to establish an agile, flexible team and assign their user roles. This team of professionals from every facet of your business will inform, develop, execute, and continuously improve your processes.

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5 Steps to Business Transformation

Step 2: Process

Next comes defining, documenting, and maturing your processes. This is central and continues throughout your business journey. A mature process is one you constantly review and improve to produce the best results.

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5 Steps to Business Transformation

Step 3: Technology

Matured processes integrate with existing and disparate systems – bringing together people, mobile devices, networks, fixed PCs and production lines. Integrated processes capture the power of fourth industrial revolution (4IR) technologies.

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5 Steps to Business Transformation

Step 4: People

Now you have the opportunity to put in place business readiness and widespread staff training. With clear and efficient business processes modelled, mapped and matured, teams across your company can achieve peak efficiency.

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5 Steps to Business Transformation

Step 5: Culture

Moving forwards, you put everything into practice. By fully embracing software that puts 4IR technology in your hands, you can reach the next level of business productivity. Maximise efficiency. Continuously improve. Transform your business.

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Infrastructure as a service software that sets enterprise businesses free

Atlas_Enterprise_Atlas uses IaaS to help you achieve transformation
IaaS solutions

Atlas helps you achieve transformation

By providing industry leading expertise backed by safe, secure, stable infrastructure, Atlas Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) helps major businesses achieve digital transformation. It enables enterprise businesses to adapt to and adopt Industry 4.0 technologies, as well as benefit from big-data collection, analysis and implementation.

Atlas Boost

Transforming your data

Atlas Boost can help you crunch massive amounts of data harvested from interconnected IIoT elements in your business. Atlas can cleanse your data and put it to use using machine learning and AI, turning information into insight.

Atlas_Enterprise_Putting edge computing to work
Atlas Edge

Putting edge computing to work

Atlas Edge creates immediate impact by giving your company access to edge computing. Reducing the gap between your facilities and big data storage means reduced latency and efficient analytics.

We support you 24/7

Streamline your architecture with IaaS technologies

Atlas Cloud is built on the latest technology stack including big data, machine learning and edge computing. This allows us to create, deliver and maintain your whole enterprise in a single piece of code. Using infrastructure as code (IAC) enables us to increase the efficiency of the services we offer, so you can focus on transforming your business.

Revolutionising interactivity

Atlas software is designed to work well with others. Using advanced API integration techniques, Atlas software as a service solutions can be combined with Stripe to Office 365 and ZenDesk to Slack. Atlas works with, and enhances, software you already use to make your business as efficient as possible.


What is business process design methodology?

Business processes are the core of any business. With business process design methodology you can map out your business processes, understanding what happens at each stage of each process required for your business to produce what it outputs, developing, streamlining, and repeating them.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the process of adapting your business to make the most out of emergent software technologies. Investment in software that can help you be more efficient and productive will always yield positive returns over the lifetime of your business.

Why should my company focus on process standardisation?

A standardised process is one you can improve on. With repeatable and improvable processes, you can ensure every area of your business is operating at peak efficiency, reviewing its output and enhancing the processes that lead to that output.

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