Corporate Social Responsibility

Atlas works towards real, sustainable change


We believe in a carbon neutral dream

The fourth industrial revolution brings advances that can help businesses achieve new levels of efficiency, but we believe it can enable so much more. Automation, AI, machine learning and advances in cloud computing have the ability to revolutionise how we approach everything from manufacturing to people management.

Cloud computing and remote access means we can minimise the movement of workers, eliminating tons of carbon output with commuting. Digitally twinned facilities mean we can achieve cutting edge production from anywhere in the world. Carbon neutral enterprises can achieve greatness without investing in environmentally harmful infrastructure.

  • Cloud computing minimises infrastructure impact
  • Digital commutes take cars off the road
  • International operations can operate virtually
  • Efficiency in production can limit carbon footprints
A Connected World
Green Energy

Our approach to corporate responsibility

As a company, we believe in disruption. Doing things the way they’ve always been done will produce the same results we’ve always produced. Disruption helps us provide an excellent service to our customers, but we believe that attitude can bring positive change in the world. By embracing advances in technology, we can affect a change in the world that will benefit generations to come.

Beyond that, we want to promote an inclusive approach to enterprise and we aim to lead by example at every turn. The future is bright when we all work together. We reflect this in our hiring, training, and people management policies. An equal opportunity approach doesn’t just help the individual, but enhances the whole. With diverse voices and a wealth of input, what we can achieve becomes limitless.

Employment equality

We support employment equality for all. We support it within our (digital) walls and we support it in the world as a whole! We firmly believe that giving employment opportunities to as many people as possible can produce miraculous results. By limiting who gets the opportunity to provide input, you limit your possibilities. Inclusiveness in all things means we can achieve incredible results, together. Want to work with us? Get in touch today.

Education for all

Just as important as employment equality, and in many ways more foundational, readily available education for all allows society to grow great. If we can nurture talent in our youth, regardless of background, we can help enable the next generation of ground breakers and earth movers to make their mark. We’re passionate about fostering excellence from a young age and we pledge ourselves to helping deliver education for all.

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