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Atlas is the innovation core of ATS Global, providing cutting edge solutions to the problems of the future and mapping the way to digital transformation.

We are a diverse and talented team of dedicated disruptors and innovators and we are looking for more exceptional people to join us.


Our values

Why Atlas?

As a company, we believe in disruption and providing an excellent service to our customers: by embracing advances in technology, we can affect a change in the world that will benefit generations to come.

At Atlas we want to promote an inclusive approach and we support employment equality for all. We support it within our (digital) walls and we support it in the world as a whole! We firmly believe that giving employment opportunities to as many people as possible can produce miraculous results. Inclusiveness in all things means we can achieve incredible results, together.

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Benefits of joining Atlas

We believe in employment equality, in readily available education and lasting investment in people and business. We want to support you and your career, with a series of benefits that reflect our commitment.

Work with and be part of a diverse knowledge hub of people who call Atlas and ATS their community. Gain peer recognition for your valued contribution. Grow and learn alongside us.

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