Digital Threads and Supply Chain Management – an Ebook

Are digital threads a utopian dream? Can they cure your supply chain ills?

We’ve got the ebook you need to answer these questions and more

Supply chain management is complicated, complex, frustrating, and vital to any successful manufacturing enterprise. To succeed you need to have total control over your supply chain and to get that you need a supply chain management system that’s scalable, usable, sustainable, and affordable.

When it comes to discussing supply chain management systems, we’ve written articles, given talks, and now we’ve brought everything together in ebook format so we can impress upon you just how exciting these ideas are!

In this ebook we cover everything our own Martin Kelman discussed during his talk at the 2021 ESCMS Summit. He, and we, want to get a grip on supply chain strategy, and hopefully highlight some things the manufacturing world may not have considered before.

We want to shine a light on the manufacturing utopia that digital threads can help realise. It’s our opinion that digital threads form the backbone of a truly industry 4.0 ready supply chain.

For the ebook, we also expand on some topics we delved into in our series of articles on digital threads and supply chains. In these articles we broke down four key pillars of any digital solution implementation strategy: scalability, usability, sustainability, and affordability.

Our goal is to give global supply chain participants informative content they can relate to, understand, and make real use of.

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