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About Atlas

Digitally transform your business with Atlas

Atlas lets you map, mature and improve business processes. You can integrate your mature business processes with existing elements of your business to enhance productivity. Data gathered from smart technology can be turned into insight that you can use to boost your company’s performance.


Atlas products increase your company’s efficiency

Meet Atlas Play

Atlas Play

From documentation through to automation, Atlas Play enables next level efficiency for any company of any size.

Atlas Play opens up a world of digital transformation where the only limit to your growth is your ambition. With tools that provide depth and complexity to mapping your business processes, Atlas Play helps you capitalise on technological advances as they happen, integrating new technologies, new methodologies and new insights into your business.

Why Atlas Play?

Atlas puts the tools you need to digitally transform your business into your hands

Your journey to digital transformation
Atlas helps you

Your journey to digital transformation

With the help of Atlas, you can craft an agile team ready to deliver your digital transformation. You can map business processes, mature them, and improve them with Atlas Play. You can integrate your BPM advances across your business. You can train, educate and involve your whole workforce with Atlas Optimise. You can reach your digital transformation destination.


Don’t just take our word for it


Peter Wilson CEng MIET
Lancaster University


Senior Research Associate

We are just at the beginning of two Industry 4.0 projects which will utilise Atlas software. The team is very knowledgeable, flexible and professional. I have high expectations of Atlas!

Steve Horrex
Cambridge Vacuum Engineering Ltd.


Head of Sales

In Cambridge Vacuum Engineering, one of the key customer demands for turbocharger welding systems is full industry 4.0 compliance. With Atlas we will provide traceability, improve productivity, reduce downtime and achieve a reliable production output.

Dr. Katy Milne


Chief Engineer

As a centre of innovation working with supply chain companies from multiple sectors, MTC needs an extremely flexible and configurable workflow management system. That's why we have been beta testing Atlas Play in our state-of-the-art additive manufacturing facility in the DRAMA programme.